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Precision Nutrition – A five stage process

RED MILLS provide scientifically advanced nutrition and healthcare solutions for equine health, well-being and performance.


The key to the success of the Connolly’s RED MILLS high-performance products is what we call Precision Nutrition, a five-stage process designed to maximise the potential and performance of your horse. A winning formula every time.




  • Expert RED MILLS Agronomists work closely with our local grain producers
  • We only work with trusted global ingredients suppliers
  • All raw ingredients are rigorously tested





  • On-site laboratory facilities
  • Rapid analysis of raw ingredients and finished product
  • Guaranteed consistent nutrient standards
  • All raw ingredients and finished product are NOPS tested (Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances)





  • Nutrient Fresh Management System
  • Designed by RED MILLS to deliver fresh feeds worldwide
  • NFMS packaging utilises 7 different tiers of natural preservation and low oxygen barrier packaging for a fresher and longer product life





  • Developed by RED MILLS technical team
  • Combines the RED MILLS Pro Balance vitamin and mineral package with select ingredients
  • Manufactured, using a unique combination of processes including steam cooking, double pelleting, and extrusion, to maximise nutrient absorption during the digestion process.





  • We are innovators and leaders in the field of equine nutrition and technology
  • Our technical team are actively engaged with the industry
  • We offer analytical services and expert advice to our customers
  • We listen and gather valuable feedback from our customers
  • This analysis and feedback drives the development of new products, services and technologies

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