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RED MILLS 16% Equine Booster Cooked Mix

A traditional, cereal based, high energy muesli fortified with elevated micronutrients for broodmares, stallions and growing youngstock

  • Product Information

    Specially formulated to support


    • Fertility
    • Foetal development
    • Balanced growth and skeletal development
    • Milk and colostrum production
    • Optimal condition and topline
    RED MILLS Formulation Features


    • Elevated inclusion of RED MILLS Pro Balance vitamin and mineral package
    • A triple whole grain formula
    • Steamed cooked for improved digestibility and nutrient availability
    • Source of quality protein and essential amino acids
    • Added antioxidants including vitamin E and selenium

    Ideal For

    • Breeding and youngstock on pasture that require a higher level of protein, vitamins and minerals and a lower level of concentrate feed to maintain optimal condition
    • Mares during pregnancy and lactation
    • Stallions during the covering season
    • Youngstock during growth and development
    • Horses needing an elevated nutrient intake

    Nutritional Additives per kg

    • Vitamin A
      18000 iu
    • Vitamin D3
      3000 iu
    • Vitamin E
      450 iu
    Trace Elements
    • Iron
      180 mg
    • Iodine
      2.25 mg
    • Copper
      90 mg
    • Manganese
      150 mg
    • Zinc
      270 mg
    • Selenium
      0.8 mg

      Analytical Constituents

    • Crude Protein
    • Crude Fibre
    • Crude Oils & Fats
    • Crude Ash
    • Sodium
    • Chloride
    • Potassium
    • Magnesium
    • Calcium
    • Phosphorus
    • Digestible Energy
      12.7 MJ/kg
  • Feeding guidelines are intended as a guideline only. Horses should be fed according to bodyweight, condition and workload. Fresh water must always be available along with good quality forage. For further advice please contact our nutrition team on info@redmills.com.

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