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RED MILLS Sweetfeed Racehorse Mix

A palatable, oat based, high energy muesli for racehorses

  • Product Information

    Specially formulated to support


    • Fast release energy
    • Optimal performance and stamina
    • Post-exercise recovery and muscle glycogen replenishment
    • Lean muscle mass and topline development
    • Bone strength and integrity
    • Appetite


    RED MILLS  Formulation Features


    • A highly palatable whole grain formula, with high oat content
    • Steamed cooked for improved digestibility and nutrient availability
    • Source of quality protein and essential amino acids
    • RED MILLS Pro Balance vitamin and mineral package, rich in iron and copper
    • Added antioxidants including vitamin E and selenium
    • Contain electrolytes
    • Added bone support package, including Vitamin K
      *Additional electrolyte supplementation will be required for horses
      in hard work and those in hot climates

    Ideal For

    • Racehorses in moderated to full training
    • Horses requiring a high energy, cereal based diet
    • Horses with poor appetite
    • Horses on a high protein forage

    Nutritional Additives per kg

    • Vitamin A
      12000 iu
    • Vitamin D3
      2000 iu
    • Vitamin E
      300 iu
    Trace Elements
    • Iron
      120 mg
    • Iodine
      1.5 mg
    • Copper
      60 mg
    • Manganese
      100 mg
    • Zinc
      180 mg
    • Selenium
      0.5 mg

      Analytical Constituents

    • Crude Protein
    • Crude Fibre
    • Crude Oils & Fats
    • Crude Ash
    • Sodium
    • Chloride
    • Potassium
    • Magnesium
    • Calcium
    • Phosphorus
    • Digestible Energy
      11.9 MJ/kg
  • Choose your horse’s WORKLOAD and then either select your feeding rate using the PER 100 KG BODYWEIGHT column, or, if you do not know your horse’s exact bodyweight, use the closest column to your horse in BY HORSE WEIGHT column.

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