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As a trusted global name in animal nutrition, we invest in cutting-edge nutritional excellence and advanced manufacturing to develop our nutrition solutions

Connolly’s RED MILLS has been committed to manufacturing the most premium-quality animal feed for over 100 years. Made from fresh natural ingredients sourced from our local farms in Ireland, our animal nutrition and performance solutions are developed through our love for animals, global expertise and leading scientific formulations.

Connolly's RED MILLS directors and leaders

Gareth Connolly

Chief Executive Officer

John Connolly

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Connolly

Global Business Development Director

Having read Anthropology, Philosophy and Theology at NUI Maynooth, while training to be a priest, Michael changed his early career to journalism. After a couple of years writing, he joined his family company with other fourth-generation brothers Joe, Bill and the late John Connolly (Snr) in 1993.

He relocated to Köln, Germany in 1994 from when Michael (and his teams) have built and manage the bulk of the group’s global business stretching from Portugal to Japan and South Africa to Sweden across equine, pet food, camel and supplements.

He earned a first in his Masters Degree in International Business Administration from Trinity College, Dublin in 2007 and joined the post grad diploma course on the International Sales Programme with TUD Technical University of Dublin in 2008.

Apart from sales and marketing, Michael plays a key role in the product and process development of the company such as the key technological development NFMS project to extend product shelf life. He was responsible for the company’s strategic entrance into the supplements business with the acquisition of Foran Healthcare in 2011 and RED MILLS subsidiary in Japan in 2014.

Now focused on equine and camel, he has been based as Managing Director of RED MILLS International FZE in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 2019 from where he leads the European, Middle Eastern and APAC businesses.

Michael is a fluent German speaker and has a working proficiency of several European and Asian languages and cultures, including classic Arabic.

Connolly's RED MILLS

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We are passionate about innovation that continues to optimise our approach to animal nutrition. Our highly experienced team of nutritional and technical experts are some of the best in the field who share the ambition and ethos carried down through the 5 generations of Connollys driving our most advanced feeds and techniques based on research excellence worldwide.

Connolly’s RED MILLS, together with Foran Healthcare and Carr & Day & Martin in its portfolio of brands, continue to merge groundbreaking science with our unwavering passion and leading nutritional expertise to manufacture quality animal nutrition solutions for peak health. Our nutrition solutions are produced using fresh natural ingredients from our fertile Irish fields which undergo rigorous best practices for testing and innovation at our state-of-the-art Research and Development facilities.

RED MILLS evolution over the decades

From its humble beginnings in the heart of County Kilkenny, South-East Ireland, the Connolly’s RED MILLS brand has expanded its global footprint and distribution network to supply advanced and high-quality Horse Feed, Pet Feed, Camel Feed, and Supplements to countries around the world. In 2017, we officially launched the RED MILLS Store in Kilkenny, Ireland, as well as our E-stores in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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RED MILLS and Foran Healthcare evolution

2013 was the year that Connolly’s RED MILLS acquired the Foran Healthcare brand that comprises human nutrition solutions, pet supplements, and the renowned Foran Equine supplement range. The acquisition of Foran Healthcare has helped to revolutionise the RED MILLS Group as a scientifically advanced powerhouse that complements our horse and pet feeds.

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Carr & Day & Martin, now a part of Connolly's RED MILLS

In 2020, Connolly’s RED MILLS further diversified its portfolio of leading products to acquire the world’s oldest horse care brand, Carr & Day & Martin. With the expansion of our portfolio to include the industry-leading horse care products from the Carr & Day & Martin range, Connolly’s RED MILLS now operates as a world leader boasting expertise in equine feeds, supplements and horse care solutions for our customers across global locations.

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Our Markets

Our global market distribution

Connolly’s RED MILLS animals feeds for nutrition and performance are extensively available worldwide alongside our horse care and supplement solutions. Our global distribution network of retailers and distributors make our world-leading horse, pet, camel and agri feeds and solutions highly accessible across the globe.

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Explore our Equine brands

Visit our equine websites to explore our nutritional hub or learn more about our range of RED MILLS horse feed, Foran Equine supplements and Carr & Day & Martin horse care solutions in your country.

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Naturally wholesome pet products

Navigate to our pet websites to explore our host of pet products available in over 25 countries worldwide.

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Premium-quality agri feeds

Connolly’s RED MILLS Agri and Morrins brands for dairy, beef, poultry, pig and lamb feed are widely available via our retailers and distributors scattered across Northern and Southern Ireland.

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Advanced camel products backed by research excellence

Discover our scientifically formulated Connolly’s RED MILLS camel feed and supplements widely accessible across the Middle East region.

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