About Our Brand

Innovation, diversification and expansion are at the heart of the Connolly's RED MILLS brand

For more than a century, Connolly’s RED MILLS has shown a commitment to innovation as we continue to diversify our portfolio of camel feed and supplements; agri feed; horse feed, supplements and care products; and pet food and treats. Since the establishment of our mill in County Kilkenny, South-East Ireland, we’ve been placing animals at the centre of everything we do. We are passionate about nurturing our long-standing relationships within the farming community that has placed us on the global map as an industry leader in innovation, quality and expertise across our individual brands.

Continuous investment in our leading manufacturing processes and innovative technology drives our production of the most reputable, premium-quality products to meet the needs of our customers across the world.

Our story

Striving for animal nutrition excellence since 1908

From a humble mill operating since 1908 in County Kilkenny, South-East Ireland to a global brand extensively available in countries around the globe, our origins in the local farming region have driven our international growth. 5 generations of Connollys have carried down a commitment to innovation and delivering optimal solutions that accelerate animal nutrition and performance. We share the same passion for animals that our customers express, making us a trusted brand that is renowned for being dedicated to animal health and well-being.

Our diverse range of high-quality products undergo stringent testing at our on-site laboratories to ensure the same quality is delivered from our local doorstep to your international location across the world.

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Diversifying our animal solutions through the acquisition of new brands including Foran Healthcare and Carr Day Martin

Connolly’s RED MILLS acquired the renowned Foran Healthcare brand in 2013, followed by the oldest horse care brand in the world—Carr & Day & Martin—in 2020. The Connolly’s RED MILLS portfolio of brands places a strong focus on delivering premium-quality horse, pet, agri and camel feeds; pet, horse and camel supplements; and horse care solutions. Our range of feeds are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients and supplied to international farms, stables and homes around the world.

Our customers value our commitment to animal nutrition, leveraging the extensive knowledge of our multi-disciplinary nutritional experts who aid the health and well-being, development, and performance of animals through advice and key recommendations. Our animal feed solutions can be utilised in tandem with our supplement and horse care product ranges to deliver the most optimal end result for customers and their beloved animals.

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Our Milestones

Explore our growth over time

Connolly’s RED MILLS has been pioneering the animal nutrition industry since 1908. With many corporate achievements over the decades, take a walk through our journey and get to know how we’ve grown our brands and the many milestones we’ve achieved.

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A culture for nutritional well-being and performance

Our company culture is built on harnessing the latest research and science across animal nutrition to develop the most advanced nutritional products for horse, pet, agri and camel well-being. Connolly’s RED MILLS has a diverse team of nutritional experts boasting specialist experience across many animal disciplines. What’s more, our expert nutritional team is available to provide leading scientifically-based advice to our customers across the world.

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Our markets

Our global market distribution

Extensively available around the world, Connolly’s RED MILLS maintains the same level of optimal quality in our scientifically advanced animal feeds, supplements and care solutions across our global markets. The consistency in quality is one of the many reasons why our local and international customers continue to choose Connolly’s RED MILLS time and again. Contact your local stockist or distributor, or navigate to our E-stores in Ireland and the UK to source our premium animal nutrition solutions.

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Global leader in equine nutrition solutions

Connolly’s RED MILLS’ pioneering equine feeds, Foran Equine supplements and Carr & Day & Martin horse care products are available in more than 80 countries worldwide. Our equine solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of various horse disciplines.

Nutritious pet food

Scientifically formulated to provide the highest levels of nutrition to your beloved pet, our range of pet foods are easily accessible in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Expertly formulated agri feeds

Connolly’s RED MILLS Agri and Morrins feeds are scientifically formulated for farm animals like beef and dairy herds, pigs, poultry and lambs. Our agri feeds are easily accessible within Northern and Southern Ireland.

Scientifically advanced camel feeds and supplements

Connolly’s RED MILLS’ camel feeds and supplements are expertly formulated to meet the needs of our Middle East customers. Our feeds and supplements are designed to enhance well-being and performance in camels, and are now widely available across various GCC countries.