The Connolly's RED MILLS Group

Over the last 100 years, the Connolly's RED MILLS Group has experienced widespread growth through the acquisition of new brands that complement our core business while expanding our global footprint

Connolly’s RED MILLS and its affiliated brands, Foran Healthcare and Carr & Day & Martin, continue to marry industry-leading scientific advancements with our nutritional expertise to manufacture and supply our strategically formulated animal nutrition solutions. With our products available in numerous countries worldwide, we continue to invest in pioneering research and development that drives best practice protocols for the testing and innovation of our products at our state-of-the-art Research and Development centres.

Connolly's RED MILLS

Our various divisions

We are passionate about growing and expanding our portfolio of brands. Connolly’s RED MILLS was established in 1908 when it started as a humble mill in South-East Ireland before growing into the industry-leading and trusted international animal nutrition brand it is today. We acquired the world-renowned Foran Healthcare brand in 2013, as well as the world’s oldest brand for horse care products, namely Carr & Day & Martin, in 2020.

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The evolution of Connolly's RED MILLS

Since being one of 131 grain mills in Ireland in the 1800s and the purchase of our mill in 1908 by Michael Connolly, the Connolly’s RED MILLS brand has experienced incredible growth. We have expanded our agricultural roots through our group of brands, namely Connolly’s RED MILLS, Foran Healthcare, and Carr & Day & Martin. In doing so, we have diversified our offering and positioned the Connolly’s RED MILLS Group as an international leader in Agri, Horse and Pet nutritional solutions, as well as the more recently established Camel feed and supplement ranges.

Elevating our offering with Foran Healthcare

After purchasing the globally renowned Foran Healthcare brand in 2013, Connolly’s RED MILLS expanded its current offering of animal feeds to include scientifically advanced human nutrition solutions, pet supplements, and the well-established Foran Equine range of supplements. With this leading addition to our group, we are able to position our brand as a scientifically-led powerhouse that goes beyond horse and pet feeds.

Becoming a global equine powerhouse with the acquisition of Carr & Day & Martin

Connolly’s RED MILLS expanded our portfolio by acquiring the world’s oldest horse care brand, Carr & Day & Martin, in 2020. This enables Connolly’s RED MILLS to operate as a comprehensive global equine powerhouse providing customers around the world with access to equine feed, supplements, horse care products, and expert equine advice from our in-house nutritional experts.