September, 2022 | nexaeditor

One of the most rewarding parts of our role in the pet department is being able to work with such an array of amazing humans involved in pet charity in Ireland and beyond. We have seen first-hand the tremendous work that these incredible people do day in day out in order to care for pets in difficult circumstances and situations the world over. There is no distance too far and no task too great for these folks to undertake when it comes to preserving the welfare of animals. Over the years, we’ve had a chance to work with a host of charities and are constantly striving to expand our reach and what we can in every way to support these important causes.

2022 marked a great year for our charity effort as we kicked off the year with our biggest ‘giving back’ project yet. During the months of January and February across the Republic of Ireland, it was our pleasure to donate a meal to a dog in need for every bag of food from our Red Mills ranges which were purchased in stores and online. We were able, with our incredible customer base, to make sure that we would get plenty of dogs fed across the whole country.

To bring this project to life we partnered with four amazing charities.

Dog’s Aid

Dog’s Aid started out in 1987, set up by three ladies to help unwanted and abandoned dogs in Ireland. Since then, they’ve rehomed hundreds of dogs and cats.

No recoverable pet is ever put down, meaning Dog’s Aid is home to many elderly and ill dogs and cats who are cared for right there.

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Deise have been doing their great work in Waterford since 2010. They are dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned animals, primarily dogs from high-kill pounds and owners who can no longer care for them. They work with amazing volunteers to keep everything running smoothly! Deise also provides education and information on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spay/neuter, microchipping and Veterinary care.

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ASH Animal Rescue

ASH Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation and is based in Rathdangan, Co.Wicklow. Since 1990, they have taken in hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats. They have a strict no-kill policy, so they make a permanent home for pets who cannot otherwise find one.

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Madra Animal Rescue in Galway is dedicated to looking after the dogs in their care and finding them permanent, loving homes. They use their influence and educational powers to help people become more informed in how best to look after their pets.

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Husky Rescue Ireland

Andy and his team at Husky Rescue Ireland know no limits when it comes to rescuing and protecting dogs. When they aren’t at home taking care of a full rescue facility for huskies and akitas in County Laois, they can be found crossing countries across Europe including Ukraine during the recent crisis to rescue and rehome dogs in difficult situations. Andy himself has currently made at least two trips to Ukraine during very challenging times in order to bring aid and rescue dolls where possible before returning back to the hard work of running the rescue as if it was all in a day’s work. We are very proud to feed the huskies of Husky Rescue Ireland with a mixture of our Engage and Leader Sensitive products upon which the huskies are thriving. It’s always a pleasure to work with Andy and his team on our charity outreach projects.

Irish Therapy Dogs

Our relationship with Irish therapy dogs is a long-standing one. Irish Therapy Dogs is an organisation that works with care and rehabilitation clinics across Ireland to bring their well-trained dogs for regularly scheduled visits to patients in residence in these facilities. These amazing people are a real inspiration and we are so grateful to be able to support them as we do. We had worked together for many years and we know that we have a bright future continuing to work together for the years to come.

PAWS Animal Rescue

This labour of love was first created originally by Deirdre & Gina Hetherington and carried on now by Gina and her amazing team. PAWS Animal Rescue specialises in rehabilitating and rehoming retired greyhounds but their doors are open to many types of dogs across Ireland. Gina’s incredible team including the wonderful Sarah are a credit to her passion and drive to ensure that no dog goes unloved while PAWS is open. We are proud to be able to support PAWs by feeding all the dogs within this rescue from our Leader Red Mills range, and to be able to provide a mixture of foods to ensure that every dog within the care of PAWS has something that they will enjoy. Our partnership with PAWS Animal Rescue is something which brings us great joy and as a company a bond which we foster tightly. We’ve been lucky enough to support PAWs with online competitions raffles and in-person event as well as company days taking place in pause and giving her staff the chance to meet the amazing dogs on the property.